Review: Konad Nail Stamp Set

Have you ever wanted to do nail art but lack the creativity and skill for it? If you’re like me who can’t draw even if your life depended on it, then you’ll benefit from this product — the Konad Nail Stamp Set (P500).

It’s literally a stamp for your nails.

The nail set consists of a design plate, stamper, scraper, and white polish. The directions on using it is placed on the back of the box.

It’s fairly easy to use and you’ll get how it’s done after the first or second try. Basically, all you have to do is to apply the polish on the design plate, scrape the excess polish off the plate, press the stamper on the design with the polish, then stamp it on your nails. The only trick here is that you have to do it quickly to make sure the entire design sticks on the stamper and on to your nails. You also have to wipe the polish off the plate and stamper every time you use it so I suggest preparing a cotton ball drenched with acetone.

Here are some of the nail art I’ve “accomplished” using the stamp set. :)

It’s alright to use any top coat on your nails after this; it won’t mess up the design. In my case though, I have a very sucky top coat so it formed bubbles. :P There’s also a Konad Top Coat but I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say whether it’s better at making the design last longer on the nail. I don’t think you need it though because the design doesn’t wear off, it’s usually the polish which chips first. 

I really love this nail stamp because it allows me to easily dress up my nails myself, though I wish I can make one with different colors like the one on the packaging. I guess you’d have to be a real expert to do those. Haha!

For P500, you’d think the stamp set has a very steep price but I think it’s worth it. It’s a cute way of dressing up your nails and easy too. 

I bought mine at St. Francis Square from a store located on the second floor, at the middle area. I forgot the name of the stall sorry. :) You can also buy it from online resellers like Konadph and Konad Nail Art by Angela.

If you want other design plates, it’s worth P160 - P180 a pop and can be bought from the same stores. Or…you can buy them in Divisoria for P20. :) It’s somewhere in 168. Yep, that’s a hot tip for you guys right there. :)

Holy moly…a giveaway!

I think the only way I can make up for not blogging for weeks is…by holding a giveaway! I’m really sorry if I’ve been ignoring this blog for some time now. I apologize to my readers who have continuously supported this blog…even though it’s a mere fledgling blog among all the super bloggers out there. Drama! Haha! Anyway, here’s a little something for you guys.

Win these rings! Plus another one which I failed to take a photo off. I’m giving away three gorgeous rings to one lucky winner. :D

Here’s some more pics of the rings above. :)

The third ring has a vintage car on it. :)

Okay…so those are the prizes. Now for the mechanics. Joining is very simple, just follow all of the instructions below:

1. Like me in Facebook or Follow me in Tumblr or Bloglovin. 

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Please make sure you follow all of the steps. All of the steps are REQUIRED to join the giveaway.

Giveaway ends on April 30, 2012. Open to Philippine readers only. :)

Good luck everyone!

Summer colors

If you don’t already know yet, pastel is this summer’s color du jour. Instead of going pastel on pastel, why not try pairing it with deeper darker colors, like so. 

(Shoes - Gold Dot; Necklace - Anagon Collection)

I honestly can’t remember where I got my shirt and shorts haha!

Happy summer everyone! Maybe you can try a pastel on non-pastel pairing too! :)

Alive and kickin’

I’m back. Our final exams ended last Wednesday and boy am I relieved. I survived the last days of law school (the most hectic of all my four years, I must say) alive and kickin’. Whew.

It took me four days to come back to blogging because I needed time to recover. I’m not exaggerating when I say this. I’ve been running on coffee and three to four hour sleeps for the past weeks, so I was really drained both mentally and physically. Borrowing from what my friend always says, if you’d prick me, coffee would come out. Hahaha! I needed time to just sleep and not think.  After four days of this, I’m now fully recharged!

Law school is not officially over though. Not yet. I would only be certain come March 30, when all of our grades would finally be released. Hopefully (and I mean HOPEFULLY), I pass all of my subjects so I can finally close this chapter of my life.

Enough about me and my law school rants. Haha! I have put blogging on hold because of it but it doesn’t mean I have no new things to blog about. Quite the contrary, I have lots. They’re all piled up right now and I’ll be writing about all of them in the next few days. Here’s what you can expect from my blog:

1. A mini giveaway. Yes, a giveaway! But it’s not as grand as my old one, thus the “mini” description. Still, you’ll love the prize…or should I say prizes. :)

2. A collaboration with a popular online store. I have been excited about this one since my finals exams!

3. Battle against blackheads. Before my schedule went haywire, I’ve been trying on  some products targeted against getting rid of blackheads. I wasn’t able to use them regularly for the past weeks, but now I can religiously use them and then report the results to you guys.

4. More about nails. I would be doing a review on Konad Nail Stamp and Etude House’s nail polish remover. First off, I’d like to say I love both of these products.

5. More outfit posts! :)

If I’ve turned most of you guys off because of my weeks long hiatus, I truly apologize. I’d be wooing you guys again with more blog posts from this time on. 

Thanks for sticking around! :)

Remembering those days

I’m on my last leg of law school and I’m starting to feel nostalgic all of a sudden. But as much as I want to reminisce and to spend my last weeks in law school looking back, the past weeks and the weeks to come is hellish though, so my mind is all about survival right now. Oh, and there’s the fact that I’m officially a barrister already too! I’m having mixed emotions of anxiety, nostalgia, excitement, and exhaustion.

I apologize if I haven’t been posting much lately. After our final exams, I’d take time to blog again. :) 

For now, here’s some outfit shots of what I wore last week. A little tip, try scouring Divisoria mall for awesome finds like the dress I’m wearing below. I saw the exact same dress being sold at The Ramp for around P900, but I got this in Divi for only P200. There are treasures abound in that shopping mecca, I tell you.

(Dress - Divisoria; Jacket - thrifted)

(Necklace - Telebasura; Ring - Girlshoppe)

(Shoes - Gold Dot)

That’s all folks! :)

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