Sembreak is finally here and I couldn’t be happier! Another day of law school and I’m definite I’d go insane - the type that could get you an exemption from committing crimes based on Art. 12 of the RPC. (See, I’m becoming nerdy loony!) I thought this semester would never end. It was the hardest, by far! There’s the life sucking thesis, the dreaded thesis defense (and the accompanying anticipation for it which, I must say, was one of the most horrifying moments of my life), the combination of terror professors who did a good job of terrorizing us (by cruelly, harshly, and inhumanely grinding our brains to a pulp), and lastly, the excruciatingly tiring Finals exam which forced us to study whole major subjects of law in less than 1 day and a half (it was a marathon for our brains). 

Nope, I’m not exaggerating at all. This sem really was the hardest and I’m super glad that it’s over. Again, I repeat…YEEEEHHHEEEYYYY!

Because I was feeling so incredibly cheerful about sembreak, I decided to wear something that mirrors my mood today - something really bright, cheery, and fun!

(Top - F-STOP (won this from Drowning Equilibrium’s Big Summer Giveaway); Shorts - thrifted; Necklace - Anagon; Shoes - Fancieta; Ring - Trinkets Royale Manila; Earrings - Maris; Shades - Topshop)

Wore this to a family reunion/pre-birthday celebration! It’s me and my mom’s bday next week!

Went ukay shopping afterwards too! I must say ang daming maganda ukay shops doon! Will be showing you guys my purchases for my next post. And then, I encourage you to visit the vicinity - lots of really nice and affordable clothes! :)