Yes, my blog title is from one of Aladin’s songs. I suddenly had that urge to sing it in my head, which is quite apt considering my dress is shiny and shimmery. Splendid!

When I become a lawyer (hopefully in the near future), I’d be donning dresses like these everyday. The original plan was to dress daily in Jason Wu pieces, but of course, that’s hardly reachable…yet. Haha! I have big dreams but it’s alright. They’re free! :)

(Dress - Forever 21; Blazer - Daniel Hechter)

I don’t have a decent photo of me wearing the blazer so off with it then. :)

(Necklace - Pinkbox)

I love how my Pinkbox necklace matched my dress. This only proves that Pinkbox accessories are not just for kids anymore! Their Chic collection can perfectly match grown-up outfits too!

And that’s it for today! I’m feeling very cheerful lately mainly because of the recent good news that I’ve received and our four-day weekend from law school. Hurray!