Have you ever wanted to do nail art but lack the creativity and skill for it? If you’re like me who can’t draw even if your life depended on it, then you’ll benefit from this product — the Konad Nail Stamp Set (P500).

It’s literally a stamp for your nails.

The nail set consists of a design plate, stamper, scraper, and white polish. The directions on using it is placed on the back of the box.

It’s fairly easy to use and you’ll get how it’s done after the first or second try. Basically, all you have to do is to apply the polish on the design plate, scrape the excess polish off the plate, press the stamper on the design with the polish, then stamp it on your nails. The only trick here is that you have to do it quickly to make sure the entire design sticks on the stamper and on to your nails. You also have to wipe the polish off the plate and stamper every time you use it so I suggest preparing a cotton ball drenched with acetone.

Here are some of the nail art I’ve “accomplished” using the stamp set. :)

It’s alright to use any top coat on your nails after this; it won’t mess up the design. In my case though, I have a very sucky top coat so it formed bubbles. :P There’s also a Konad Top Coat but I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say whether it’s better at making the design last longer on the nail. I don’t think you need it though because the design doesn’t wear off, it’s usually the polish which chips first. 

I really love this nail stamp because it allows me to easily dress up my nails myself, though I wish I can make one with different colors like the one on the packaging. I guess you’d have to be a real expert to do those. Haha!

For P500, you’d think the stamp set has a very steep price but I think it’s worth it. It’s a cute way of dressing up your nails and easy too. 

I bought mine at St. Francis Square from a store located on the second floor, at the middle area. I forgot the name of the stall sorry. :) You can also buy it from online resellers like Konadph and Konad Nail Art by Angela.

If you want other design plates, it’s worth P160 - P180 a pop and can be bought from the same stores. Or…you can buy them in Divisoria for P20. :) It’s somewhere in 168. Yep, that’s a hot tip for you guys right there. :)